Python: расширение предопределенного названного кортежа

У меня есть следующий именованный кортеж:

from collections import namedtuple
ReadElement = namedtuple('ReadElement', 'address value')

and then I want the following:

LookupElement = namedtuple('LookupElement', 'address value lookups')

There is duplication between the two namedtuples, how can I subclass ReadElement to contain an additional field?

class LookupElement(ReadElement):
    def __new__(self, address, value, lookups):
        self = super(LookupElement, self).__new__(address, value)
        l = list(self)
        return tuple(l)

However the tuple is created there an then in the new statement, if I modify self to be a list I will loose type information, how can I avoid this?

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You can subclass a namedtuple-produced class, but you need to study the generated class more closely. You'll need to add another __slots__ attribute with the extra fields, update the _fields attribute, create new __repr__ and _replace methods (they hardcode the field list and class name) and add extra property objects for the additional fields. See the example in the documentation.

That's all a little too much work. Rather than subclass, I'd just reuse the somenamedtuple._fields attribute of the source type:

LookupElement = namedtuple('LookupElement', ReadElement._fields + ('lookups',))

The field_names argument to the namedtuple() constructor doesn't have to be a string, it can also be a sequence of strings. Simply take the _fields and add more elements by concatenating a new tuple.


>>> from collections import namedtuple
>>> ReadElement = namedtuple('ReadElement', 'address value')
>>> LookupElement = namedtuple('LookupElement', ReadElement._fields + ('lookups',))
>>> LookupElement._fields
('address', 'value', 'lookups')
>>> LookupElement('addr', 'val', 'lookup') 
LookupElement(address='addr', value='val', lookups='lookup')
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